Did you know Fujifilm is the inventor of many of the tools consumers, professionals, and commercial customers have come to rely on?

Recognized globally for its technological innovation and high quality, Fujifilm offers a complete portfolio of imaging, information, and document products, services, and e-solutions to retailers, consumers, professionals, and business customers.

Fujifilm USA’s product portfolio includes: professional and consumer film and cameras; digital imaging products, including cameras and printers for commercial and consumer use; digital mini-labs and kiosks; photographic paper and photofinishing supplies; professional motion picture film; high-capacity floppy disks, CDs and DVDs, tape cartridges, and other data storage media; videotape and audiocassettes; professional and consumer optical discs; microfilm and other micrographic products; and graphic arts film, conventional and digital printing plates, analog and digital color proofing systems, drum and flatbed scanners, imagesetters and computer-to-plate systems.

Did you know Fujifilm introduced the world’s first one-time-use 35mm camera the QuickSnap? Fujifilm`s technology is now licensed to many other manufacturers of one-time-use cameras.

Did you know Fujifilm is becoming a Hollywood standard? Recent movie blockbusters, including Punch-Drunk Love, The Wedding Planner, and Holes were all filmed on Fujifilm motion picture film. In addition, Fujifilm has received both an Academy Award and an Emmy for Technical Merit.

A tireless advocate of the environment, Fujifilm incorporates environmental and safety considerations in product design and is a supporter of many environmental preservation educational programs.

In that tradition, Fujifilm made a substantial contribution to bring two endangered pandas from China to the Smithsonian National Zoo in Washington, DC. The company helped to build a research and habitat facility for the pandas, and develop a public species preservation education program for students.

Did you know that Fujifilm’s commitment to community is alive and well in its employees too? Employees have continuously organized Earth Day events, provided educational scholarships, and participated in cultural functions in nearly all the communities in which Fujifilm operates.

Fujifilm is all this and more.

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